243 Winchester Ammo


Find 243 Winchester ammo in stock at Ammunitionbulkstore at a lower cost. It is a popular sporting rifle cartridge developed as a versatile short action round to hunt medium and small game alike. It is also said to be designed as a target /varmint round, and this ammunition originated from the U.S, introduced by Winchester by the year 1955 for the Winchester model 70 bolt-action and model 88 lever-action sporting rifle and quickly became the favorite among hunters and remained one of the most popular Whitetail Deer cartridges. It uses a neck-down 0.308 casing case. It is also used by target shooters, metallic silhouettes, and long-range shooters because of its accuracy and low recoil. It features a spider-nosed, soft point bullet for accurate hits on smaller targets. In addition, it has a light jacket and none bonded core which allows rapid and effective expansions required for small to medium-sized games and varmint. This bullet is none corrosive in
boxer-primed and has reloadable brass cases with jacket soft point bullet style and 100-grain weight. When it comes to muzzle energy, it occupies 2,158foot pounds while the muzzle velocity is said to be 3,117 fts/s. Its specification consists of parent case 308 Winchester, bullet diameter of .243 inches, shoulder diameter of. Four hundred fifty-four inches, neck diameter of .276 inches, case length of .204 5 inches, and its overall length of 2, 7098 inches with a large rifle primer type. Purchase your 243 Winchester ammo for sale at Ammunitionbulkstore and order the ammunition from top brands like Hornady, Sig Sauer, and Winchester shipped right at your doorstep.
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